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Welcome to our homepage!

Hi there!

I hope you enjoy my homepage. It´s constantly under building.
A new Whippetyear are here and I wish you all a very successful 1999 with your dogs!

Read all about Whippet results here!

I´m a whippetbreeder and I have puppys for sale now and then.
Soon I have results and information from Swedish dogracing to, so welcome back!

dumbitron_neverendin_love2.jpg (71325 bytes)

Dumbriton Neverendin Love
(e.Fawnbree Special Brew at Dumbriton - u.Birkonbrae Everlastin Love)
"Abigail" has won two CC now. The first in juniorclass under Hjördis
Espeland, the second in youngsterclass under Jill Scott-Bisset-
Breeders Patsy & Danny Gilmour, Dumbriton, UK.

Thank you Danny&Patsy for letting me have her! 

This page is updated: 06 June 1999

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